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When companies hire, there are three things that they should focus on Character, Commitment and Competence. While business managers can measure commitment and competence, it is the job of HR to identify the character. With the coming of age of recruitment, background verification has become a crucial component of the employee on-boarding activity.
The top advantages of performing background verifications for any company can be:

  • Finding the right candidate
  • Creating a safer workplace
  • Building a culture of trust and safety
  • Protecting your people, brand and profits
  • Lower risk of negligent hiring

Why do Background Checks?

Human capital is the most precious asset for your business. However, while hiring the right employees, what you don’t know can hurt. Technology enabled employee background checks are critical to establish trust and create a safe work environment, simultaneously protecting your company’s brand and profits.
Additionally, there are other benefits from conducting such checks,

  • Improved employee quality
  • Reduced possibility of fraud
  • Regulatory & standards compliance
  • Protection against negligent hiring liability lawsuits

We offer a range of background verification checks, flexibly packaged to suit the needs of any enterprise, irrespective of hiring requirements. Our global affiliations can serve, no matter where your offices are located, and where your employees come from.

What We Offer

Our Process

Our process for employee background verification is simple, flexible and thorough. Our integrated customer portal allows a business to submit employee records, track the progress of checks and receive quality results in a format that works for them.

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