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Global Screening



We verify educational documents from respective issuing authorities, providing reports about their authenticity and accuracy. The report typically includes candidate’s claimed education, training, degree or certification obtained, majors studied, start and end dates, graduation date and honors received, if any.

We verify candidates’ previous International Work Experience directly with HR, Reporting Manager and/or References provided by them, confirming job title, tenure, salary claims, performance, reasons for leaving, rehire eligibility and any other relevant information as requested by you. Our Local Country Specialists perform these International Employment Screenings ensuring that we have the best reach possible to any place across the globe.

We conduct International Reference Checks verifying candidate references anywhere across the world. Our local experts conduct these reference checks giving you full confidence to employ only genuine, reference-checked candidates having no apparent honesty & integrity issues.

We have needed expertise to verify International Identity Documents including Passport, National Identity Cards, Licenses, etc., for authenticity and accuracy, from their respective issuing authorities. The most comprehensive global identity verification services offered ensures that each candidate is truthful about his/her identity. If that’s not so, you would be immediately alerted to discrepancies that came to our notice.

 International Driving License Check
We verify International Driving License and provide Motor Vehicle Report including license type, status, vehicle identity number, license number, name, address, and driving records. Any information regarding irresponsible behavior like road accidents, repeated traffic violations, unpaid fines, etc., are reported back, in case such history exists.

  International Criminal Record Search
We have specialized team conducting International Criminal Record Searches. We search through candidate’s Sovereign Jurisdiction, City Police Records, National Criminal Repository (NCR) & Sex Offender Search, Federal Criminal Search, Statewide Criminal Search, County Criminal Court Search, Civil Reports, International Watch List looking for possible matches.

 International Court Record Search
We retrieve court records by using our Global Network of Experts. These court record searches include past criminal records of candidate filed in court. Besides, the checks also include major civil lawsuits, bankruptcies, disputes etc., Information reported back in case of a match will include file date, case type, plaintiff/defendant information available in the court records. Information is obtained from the public record index maintained by the concerned country’s court.

 International Sanctions List Check
We check through International Sanctions Lists available in public domain to identify if the candidate in question has been barred by any of financial or trade regulators or law enforcement bodies.

  International Financial Regulatory Check
Financial Regulatory Checks that is part of the cFirst Premium International Services Offering is specially designed for companies operating in the financial services sector. These checks help you ensure that the candidate is suitable and complies with the concerned Financial Conduct Authority Guidelines.

  International Credit History Check
It includes County Civil Records Check, Credit Check, and checks into judgment, bankruptcies, tax aliens, open loans, debts, collection accounts etc., Candidate’s credit history is verified to get an insight on his/her sense of responsibility and financial track record. Credit history checks reflect candidate’s honesty and accountability to his or her fiscal obligations.

These checks are aimed at identifying any adverse media coverage that the candidate may have received on Social Media, or even updates related to him/her that are likely to leave an impact on his/her job role and responsibilities. Social Media Search provides glimpse of events, actions, responses related to candidates’ character, moral values, public perception and impression concerning him/her, thereby helping us identify streaks of fraud and/or anti-social tendencies showing up in social incidents from past.

  International Sanctions Search
Our International Sanctions Searches include checks to verify that the candidate is not barred from employment by any country, government or quasi-government authority, on administrative or other serious charges. Effective dates and reasons for sanctions, in cases where they exist, are shared as part of the report alerting to the risks involved.

  International Database Search
Comprises multiple searches through prominent National, International and Global Government Databases and publicly available records, for information about the candidate being verified. Our worldwide expert network helps us effectively scour multiple databases looking for a possible match.

  International Drug Testing
This service includes Drug Testing of a candidate at a suitable & credible facility nearest to candidate’s location anywhere across the globe. From sample collection, lab analysis, to detailed medical reports, we offer a comprehensive international drug screening service through our global network of experts, helping employers setup and maintain a drug-free workplace.

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