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Drug Testing

Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing

cFIRST helps you screen potential hires and/or your employees – for possible drug and alcohol abuse. Designed to meet federal mandates, regulations and/or specific company policies and requirements, our Employment Drug Testing services are convenient and expansive, offering lab-based and instant drug testing, via a vast collection network. With drug screening options that match your needs, location and costs, we ensure your workplaces are safe, drug-free and healthy.

All Specimen Types

cFIRST offers employment drug testing for all specimens, as deemed necessary, given specific situations/ candidates. Breath, urine, blood, saliva, sweat, nails and hair may be tested. Urine and Saliva tests are available for lab testing as well as instant testing with an average turnaround time of 48 to 54 hours. Blood tests are carried out to check for illegal drugs abuse, while Hair/ Nail samples are taken to ascertain a longer duration of substance abuse.

Convenient and Accessible

Our pre-employment drug testing solutions are available through one-point or multiple feedback points. The end to end services offer convenient testing and reporting solutions – along with easy scheduling and tracking processes. We are open to managing candidate touch points on your behalf. Consolidated monthly billing options ensure 100% transparency and convenience, while proactive monitoring by our teams ensures timely results.

Independent, Trustworthy Collection and Testing Centers

Through a vast and conveniently located collection network, we try and ensure that you have an easily accessible collection point. On the basis of your/ candidate’s location, we conduct a vendor/ lab search and offer suitable alternatives vis-à-vis distance and costs. Matching scheduling options are also prepared and shared – and reporting is carried out in a similar manner.

Comprehensive Tailor-made Solutions – to match your criteria

We are a regulatory compliant employment drug testing company, fully integrated with client requirements, thereby offering comprehensive testing services for all drugs – including standard and common tests, BAT (alcohol) testing, 5 panel, 8 panel and 10 panel Drug Screening or any specific testing. Reports can be accessed online through single, comprehensive reports.

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