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Give Your Career a Head Start!

cFirst is one of the leading background screening companies in India and with our international focus, we are expanding aggressively in other markets as well. We have offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Mumbai in India and Cincinnati in US. So if you are looking for a high growth career in the background screening industry you have come to the right place.

At cFirst we provide our people the thrill of new challenges, while at the same time ensuring that they maintain the quality of life necessary for high productivity. We don’t judge performances based only on outcomes and encourage our team members to undertake new roles and responsibilities without any fear of failure.

Our Values

Our core values of Character, Commitment and Competence also governs the way our employees work and the traits we look for in any prospective candidate.



For us integrity isn’t just a word. It is an ethic to live by. We believe that the integrity and character we inculcate in our employees will, in turn, get reflected in the services we provide to our clients.


Talent is a luxury not everyone is blessed with. But commitment and dedication are traits that can be inculcated by anyone and which differentiate the extraordinary from the ordinary.



We desire highly competent individuals who are the best in what they do. We encourage development of skills that lead to better performance. And we reward competence with both monetary and non-monetary benefits.


At cFirst fun blends seamlessly with work resulting in a work-life balance that is so essential to get the most out of our team. Here is a glimpse of what all we do at office.

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