Why Partner With cFIRST?

cFIRST is one of India’s leading background verification companies with 5000+ clients who got more than 2 million background checks conducted with us. With more than 100 years in the industry, cFIRST has been awarded as the best background verification partner by some of the world’s largest companies. We also have an enviable global reach and can deliver our services in 200+ countries.

Partnering with cFIRST will not only help you benefit from our brand equity and expertise but increase your bouquet of services you offer to your clients. We do all the work for clients referred by you while you get to earn a handsome commission in return.

Leveraging your existing clientele and our best-in-class services to create a consistent revenue stream for yourself is the biggest reason why you should partner with us.

Who Can Partner?

This program is meant for all those who are in the business of hiring candidates for corporate clients. This includes:


Recruitment Agencies/Consultancies

Contract staffing companies

Contract Staffing Companies

Freelance recruiters

Freelance Recruiters

What do you get as a cFIRST Partner?

  • You get to increase your service offerings and include full range of background verification services without incurring any cost.
  • You get to acquire more customers by offering an integrated recruitment plus background verification service package.
  • You earn attractive commission on all the revenue we generate from your referral client in the first six months after the client orders their first check.

What do you have to commit?

  • Top management should be fully committed towards success of the partnership.
  • Include cFIRST as a service partner for background verification services on your corporate website and sales presentations.

What are you not required to commit?

  • Any predefined number of referral customers to be eligible for earning commissions.
  • Any predefined revenue volume to be eligible for earning commissions.

How does the Partnership Program work?


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