Reduce overall hiring and background screening times, costs and duplication of efforts, cut confusions and hassle, increase effectiveness and accuracy – and save considerable money – with cFIRST’s technology backed Background Screening Solutions and, offered on demand, Applicant Tracking System Integrations.

Power your Hiring Processes

Add the robust edge of technology based Employee Screening and Applicant Tracking to your company’s hiring processes to increase efficiency, accuracy and visibility.

We have YOU on our mind

Our standardized interfaces are designed to meet most client and domain requirements. Additionally, we are equipped with suitable technical expertise to work with your team – to curate/ build custom integrations.

Our Background Checks are quick and safe

Aligned flawlessly with in-effect federal and state regulations surrounding background checks, our tailor-made screening programs offer significant automation, detailed, graspable insights, easy to monitor metrics and analytics and convenient engagement.

Smarter Solutions

Superior technology and years of research and experience in the field of Background Screening and ATS integration allows cFIRST to offer you smart, flexible, scalable and easy to access interfaces and solutions – you will come to trust.

What we offer

Background Checks

Verify your employee’s education, past employment, address, identity, criminal records, credentials, references, etc

Drug & Alcohol Testing

cFIRST helps you screen potential hires and/or your employees – for possible drug and alcohol abuse.


Detailed fingerprint analysis and verification of candidates to trace any criminal history as per police records.

Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing and profiling of new candidates to check their competency for specific jobs.



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