At cFIRST, we sincerely believe that the right human resource is the key to any organization’s success.

That is why we ensure that each selection process is seamlessly tailored to a specific organization as well as the kind of profile it intends to fill.

We also believe in the principle of behavioral consistency, which means the past conduct of a person (in a job) can be an optimum indicator of his/ her future performance. Hence, consistent and meticulous reference and background checks are an integral part of every hiring or onboarding exercise at cFIRST.

What are Reference Checks?

As the name suggests, the process of reference checking implies an objective evaluation or checking of a prospective employee’s or associate’s past employment and conduct record. In simple words, it indicates a complete background research of a shortlisted candidate to ensure that person would be a good fit for a said role.

Reference check may also extend to the process of checking and re-affirming a person’s educational and skills background.

Research proves that reference checks serve as good predictors of a prospective employee’s performance and conduct on a job. These checks can give good insights into a person’s job potential, future performance, success on difficult processes, ability to stick to a job etc., and even the probability of the person’s intangible skills like work attitude, dedication, team abilities and the employee’s

How is a Reference Check conducted?

To collect the vital background information of a shortlisted candidate, our teams contact key individuals associated, in various capacities, to the applicant in his/ her previous jobs. These individuals may be a person’s peers, reporting managers, subordinates, associates, clients, supervisors – from previous jobs.

The reference check may or may not be limited to contacting and communicating with the specific references provided by the applicant himself/ herself.

Our teams may, thus, get in touch with references, exclusive of the ones provided by the applicant, in order to get clearer and more substantive details.

Reference checks are carried out towards the end of a selection chain, and the references are, generally, contacted by phone or email. Phone communication is preferred, as it allows for clarifications.

Why is a Reference Check conducted?

  • Verification of the information proffered by the candidate, during interview or pre-interview screening.

  • Finding information that may not have been voluntarily provided or may have been hidden by the candidate – which may have direct or indirect bearing on candidate’s efficiency and conduct in an employment.

  • Understanding the on-job competencies and special qualities – other than educational qualifications and the ones mentioned in a resume – of the prospective employee.

  • Getting to know the candidate as a person, his on and off job tangible and intangible skills, team playing skills, shortcomings etc.

How does cFIRST ensure its Reference Checks are top-end?

Hirers at cFIRST look at every applicant as a well-rounded personality – inquiring about his/ her on and off job competencies, connections, associations, interests etc.

Our teams take detailed notes, during each screening process. Once a person is shortlisted, they get down to conducting the best and most trustworthy checks. The candidates are encouraged to give proper references.

They first contact the references provided directly by the candidate. If required, further references are uncovered and reached out.

Each reference check has a verbal component to it, and the questions are pre-prepared. Affirmative clarifications are sought, if needed. At least 2 detailed verbal reference checks are carried out for every applicant.

cFIRST Advantage

  • ISO 27001:2013 certified, PBSA, NASSCOM NSR empaneled company with 2,000,000+ checks
  • Awarded and trusted by world’s largest companies
  • Strong international presence and networks allow cFIRST to carry out intensive checks across the globe
  • Best in-class service quality and excellent turnaround times
  • Comprehensive, Customized Background Verification Solutions – across verticals and sectors
  • Dedicated Drug Testing and Compliance teams
  • Convenient data entry/report retrieval processes
  • Top-notch, secure and technology-backed processes



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