Fingerprinting Services

There are certain employers both in public and private sectors that need fingerprint check on new hires and individuals to acquire professional licenses. The IAFIS requires comparison of fingerprints received with the criminal fingerprints’ database to evaluate whether there is a criminal record registered for the fingerprint being evaluated. The fingerprints registered are then submitted to the FBI, which can provide information pertaining to their history within 2 to 24 hours of submission. The fingerprint check is done to ensure that there is non-criminal justice environment within the company for all the employees.

What is a fingerprint check?

A fingerprint check is performed by the FBI or State Bureau of Criminal Identification to determine or evaluate the criminal background check on an individual. It is used to identify the criminal history of the individual or determine whether the individual on whom the fingerprint check is performed is indeed a victim of the crime.

Why opt for Fingerprint Check?

There are certain states in the USA that require fingerprint scans to perform employment and licensing, particularly those who need real estate and mortgage-related licenses, child care related licenses, private and public employment background checks, gun permits etc. These include:


  • Veterinary Medical Board
  • Acupuncturists
  • Dietetics Board
  • Nurses
  • Ohio Optical Dispensers Board
  • Embalmers and Funeral Directors
  •  Marriage and Family Therapist Board
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Optometry Board
  • Podiatrists
  • Telemedicine Practitioners
  • Dental Board
  • Accountancy Board
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Ohio Department of Insurance
  • Massage or Cosmetic Therapists
  • Respiratory Board
  • Chiropractic Board
  • Ohio Construction Industry
  • Medical Board
  • Psychology Board
  • Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Athletic Training
  • Pharmacy Board
  • Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Board

Other Industries:

  • Pharmacy Technicians
  • Day Care Centers (Owners and Employees)
  • Ohio Lottery Commission
  • In-Home Patient Care
  • Ohio Department of Commerce
  • Public Housing
  • Adult Care Facilities
  • Ohio Treasurer of State
  • Public School Districts
  • Out of Home Child Care (Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, Children’s Hospitals)
  • Hospice Care Program
  • Ohio Department of Aging
  • County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Ohio Racing Commission

Benefits of Fingerprinting

  • Fastens your licensing or hiring process which makes it possible for you to make timely, effective and affordable way to perform an electronic fingerprint check on your employees
  • Crucial for conducting Ohio state hiring
  • Mandatory for participating in university programs needing a background check including but not limited to, nursing, speech and hearing, social work, psychology, learning center, work-study and education
  • Critical for part of your involvement in Ohio State’s Child Care Program


At cFIRST, we use up to date technology to deliver high-quality fingerprint check on individuals which helps to make the correct decision. It also reduces your risk by complying with the industry standards. It is a swift, precise and simple process that gives you effective results without requiring you to purchase expensive equipment to perform fingerprint check. Avail fingerprint check services by cFIRST, and rest assured to get the desired results in quick time!

cFIRST Advantage

  • ISO 27001:2013 certified, PBSA, NASSCOM NSR empaneled company with 2,000,000+ checks
  • Awarded and trusted by world’s largest companies
  • Strong international presence and networks allow cFIRST to carry out intensive checks across the globe
  • Best in-class service quality and excellent turnaround times
  • Comprehensive, Customized Background Verification Solutions – across verticals and sectors
  • Dedicated Drug Testing and Compliance teams
  • Convenient data entry/report retrieval processes
  • Top-notch, secure and technology-backed processes



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