When a person joins an organization as an employee or associate, he (or she) not only brings his qualifications, professional experience and skills on board, but he (or she) comes as a complete package. It includes his (or her) personal preferences, interpersonal skills, behavioral tendencies and probable conduct on the job

In short, a person’s psychological bent and mental make-up form essential components in deciding his on-the-job performance and fit. These key factors also tend to be vital indicators in estimating a candidate’s personal strengths, weaknesses, team-playing abilities and intangible qualities including his (or her) organizational skills, dedication and sincerity, pressure-sustaining and work management capabilities and last but not the least his (or her) ability to stick to a job.

That is precisely why Psychometric Testing is an integral part of any well-rounded hiring process. At cFIRST, we firmly believe in deriving intelligence from these important metrics, before affirming any selection.

What is Psychometric Assessment?

The word Psychometric is made of two roots – Psycho + Metrics.

‘Psycho’ comes from the word Psychology that refers to the study of behavior and mind. Metrics’ implies valid and reliable measurement. Thus, the word Psychometrics means theory and technique of psychological measurement.Thus, the word Psychometrics means theory and technique of psychological measurement. It is a vast subject, and job/study screening Psychometric Testing is just one aspect of this stream.

What is measured by a Psychometric Test?

Psychometric Testing, in simple words, refers to a process of objective measurement of skills, abilities, personality traits, achievement, attitudes, behavioral tendencies, knowledge etc.

Aptitude Tests that aim to measure numerical ability, reasoning skills, logical reasoning ability and error-spotting skill are also classified under this head.

However, generally tests those check behavioral tendencies, situation responses, personality traits, human interactions and specific job skills are referred to as Psychometric Tests. That is why Personality Tests and Skills Tests form a major part of Psychometric Testing.

How common is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric Tests have increasingly become popular in most screening processes for jobs as well as education.

Since many of these tests rely heavily on the principles of educational psychology, large organizations, as well as educational institutions, can benefit from their effective use in determining the level of a candidate’s acquired skills, abilities, and basic behavioral tendencies. These tests aid shortlisting – in large group scenarios.

That is why many companies will ask you to take a Psychometric Test right after filling the initial application form. These tests may, however, be also presented at a later stage in the selection process – let’s say as a part of your interview.

How are these tests administered and evaluated?

Most Psychometric tests are presented in form of questionnaires.

Psychometric tests, as well as personality tests, are standardized measurement tools. They need to be administered in a certain set pattern, changing which may result in wrong or miscalculated findings.

Our hiring teams at cFIRST are specially trained in presenting, explaining and administering these tests.

Reading and deriving valid intelligence from these tests is also a very specific task. Our teams, thus, ensure that they keep themselves updated with the latest practices on the same.

In specific cases, especially while running the processes for high profile positions and niche profiles, we also bring in trained psychologists in a picture, who follow internationally approved Personnel Evaluation Standards to evaluate the results of Personality Tests and Psychometric Tests.

cFIRST Advantage

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