According to a new study by Health eCareers, a third of healthcare recruiters in the United States rank employee turnover as their top staffing concern in the year 2017. According to 565 healthcare employer respondents in Health eCareers’ 2015 Healthcare Recruiting Trends Survey, forty-three percent of respondents say finding qualified talent is the number one obstacle. The fact that the turnover in hospitals has high numbers is not hidden; but the high costs of hiring new talent pool cannot be discounted. This high turnover can have an adverse effect on the hospital leadership. Hence, there is a need for employee background check to ensure that the candidate selected is one of the best from the available pool.

Our Solutions

Education Background Check

Healthcare industry requires meticulous examination of the educational qualification of the candidate. Hence, we carry out education background check that scrutinizes the training programs, certification courses and internships undertaken. This assists you in selecting the best talent in the healthcare domain.

Public Database Check

Before finalizing a candidate, it is important to carry out the database check in the healthcare industry. Hence, we run the database background check that scrutinizes the public and proprietary databases of the candidate to ensure that the interviewed candidate does not have any financial frauds or criminal records under his/her name.

Criminal Background Check

In the healthcare industry, it is important to look out for any past criminal activities of the candidate. Hence, we carry out criminal background check to thoroughly examine of any past convictions including civil or criminal of the candidate. This background check is run at multiple levels.

Employment Background Check

Before finalizing any candidate, it is important to carry out employment check in any industry; but it is of utmost important in the healthcare industry. Hence, we run employment background check with careful examination of the professional life of the candidate including previous designations, period of employment, reason for leaving etc. This is done to scrutinize whether the claim made in the resume is correct or not.

Residential Address Check

It is extremely critical to verify the address of the candidate in the healthcare industry. Hence, we carry out address verification check by careful examining the candidate’s address including the current and permanent addresses is verified with the help of physical visit. This ensures that the candidate has a clean and incident-free past.

Identity Check

In healthcare industry, it is important to check the identity of the candidate before finalizing him/her. Hence, we carry out identity background check by verifying the identity of the candidate with the help of Government-issued documents verification provided by him/her.

Reference Check

In the healthcare industry, it is important to check the reference of the candidate. Hence, we carry out reference check by adjudging the candidate’s skills based on the precise interview conducted with past supervisors enquiring about the roles and responsibilities carried out by the candidate.

Alcohol & Drug Testing

In the healthcare industry, candidates selected need to work with people hence, it is of utmost important for them to be in sober state. Hence, we conduct drug test to scrutinize the candidate’s blood and urine samples in reputed laboratories to check whether the candidate is free from any substance and abuse history.

Credentials Check

It is a must to verify the credentials of the candidate in the healthcare industry before making the final selection. To help you achieve this endeavor, we provide credential background check that assists you in verifying the credentials i.e.; the professional credentials like certificates that authenticate their medical practice. It can be a certificate to work as a medical practitioner, doctor, nurse, physiotherapist or an alternative medicine practitioner.

cFIRST Advantage

  • ISO 27001:2013 certified, PBSA, NASSCOM NSR empaneled company with 2,000,000+ checks
  • Awarded and trusted by world’s largest companies
  • Strong international presence and networks allow cFIRST to carry out intensive checks across the globe
  • Best in-class service quality and excellent turnaround times
  • Comprehensive, Customized Background Verification Solutions – across verticals and sectors
  • Dedicated Drug Testing and Compliance teams
  • Convenient data entry/report retrieval processes
  • Top-notch, secure and technology-backed processes



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